QSD – SWPPP Development and Design

What is a QSD?

A Qualified SWPPP Developer is an individual who is licensed to provide the required SWPPP documentation specific to a construction project. A SWPPP – Stormwater Pollution Prevention is a project specific document that details the requirements to eliminate potential harmful discharges related to construction activities.

How a QSD Helps You

QSDs will work with the property owners, contractors and legally responsible persons to ensure the SWPPP requirements are included in each SWPPP beginning with the determination of the projects overall risk which will govern the supplemental inspection requirements. Project risk is broken up into two elements:

  1. Sediment Risk – amount of potential discharge of sediment which is governed by site characteristics
  2. Receiving Water Risk – amount of sediment discharges to nearby receiving waters

Each project is assessed and implemented at a specified risk level or type to ensure the surrounding water quality is protected throughout the life of the project. SWPPPs are broken down into the 8 following Categories:

SWPPP Requirements
Project Information
Best Management Practices (BMP)
BMP Inspection (QSP), Maintained, and Rain Event Action Plans (REAPs)
Responsible Parties and Operators
Construction Site Monitoring Program
Appendices – Site Maps, Amendment Logs and Inspection Reports

What are BMPs?

BMPs are the foundation of a SWPPP and the measures taken to minimize or eliminate the potential for non-authorized pollutants to enter the surrounding stormwater. BMPs consist of perimeter control (sandbags and silt fences), ensuring leaks are contained and mitigated (secondary containment and spill pallets/decks), and in some instances the increase in “smart landscaping” by the increase of trees and/or at-grade planters. For a wide ranging and detailed BMP list please refer to State Water Resources Control Board (ca.gov)

Having a SWPPP designed by a QSD is the first step in ensuring compliance and avoiding massive fines; however, the last step is ensuring the SWPPP and required BMPs are being enforced on a weekly basis is by assigning a Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP) to the project to perform the required services which includes weekly inspections, annual reporting and additional services throughout the duration of a project.

Active Engineering Services provides all SWPPP related services to ensure our clients remain compliant to the various requirements. These services include the development of the SWPPP plan design as well as the implementation of the SWPPP. All our QSD and QSPs are Registered Civil Engineers and recognized as a member of the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA).

For more information on QSD and QSP services offered by Active Engineering Services, please give us a call and let us help ease the responsibility of these requirements.

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