QSP – SWPPP Implementation and Inspections

What is a QSP??

A Qualified SWPPP Practitioner is an individual who is licensed to provide the required SWPPP inspections specific to a construction project.

Once a SWPPP is developed by a QSD, a QSP will be assigned to a project and will work with the property owners, contractors and legally responsible persons to ensure the stakeholder remains in compliance with the State Waterboard Construction Stormwater Program | California State Water Resources Control Board

What It’s Like to Work with a QSP

Each project is assessed and implemented at a specified risk level or type to ensure the surrounding water quality is protected throughout the life of the project. The roles of a QSP are controlled by the risk level or type. Regardless of the specific requirements, QSPs are responsible for implementing all categories of the SWPPP which are broken down into the 8 following Categories:

  • SWPPP Requirements
  • Project Information
  • Best Management Practices (BMP)
  • BMP Inspection (QSP), Maintained, and Rain Event Action Plans (REAPs)
  • Training
  • Responsible Parties and Operators
  • Construction Site Monitoring Program
  • Appendices – Site Maps, Amendment Logs and Inspection Reports

The primary role of the QSP is perform various services which includes:


  • Weekly Inspections – every week during active construction a QSP must oversee the progress of the project site to ensure all elements of the SWPPP are being implemented.
  • Rain Event Driven Inspections – Prior to a rain event (greater then 50%) a QSP must perform a pre-event, during event, and if applicable a post event inspection to ensure BMPs are being implemented. A simple aggregate stockpile can result in violations if not properly covered and protected from erosion.
  • Rain Event Actions Plans (REAPs) – A document for Risk level 2 and 3 projects prior to a likely rain event. These documents are specific to each rain event and ensure the construction site has access to critical information pertaining to the project site.
  • On-Site Training – on-site training is critical in ensuring each foreman and supervisor understand the importance and implementation to ensure the SWPPP remains in compliance.
  • SMARTs Database Assistance – Assisting the LRP with the SMARTs requirements such as any change in information (COI), annual reports, and notice of termination (NOT)
  • Annual Reports – An annual report is required to be submitted by September 1st of each year and this must be done by the QSP and reviewed and certified to the SMARTs database by the LRP
  • Change of Information (COIs) – any change of information is required in the SMARTs database such as project end dates or change in ownership should, and this is provided by submitting a COI.
  • Notice of Termination (NOT) – when the end of construction is approaching and the majority trades are no longer on site the LRP can request the termination of the SWPPP. A QSP will provide the report to detail the condition of the project. Photographs detailing elements such as landscape, hardscape, and drainage are documented as well as any outstanding annual reports. Once the report is submitted and approved by the LRP, the project is no longer subjected to fines or SWPPP requirements.

What’s At Risk Without a QSP?

Failure to obtain a SWPPP or not complying with the SWPPP requirements can have significant penalties. Any person who violates these regulations may be subject to fines of $37,500 per day of violation or imprisonment.

Active Engineering Services provides all SWPPP related services to ensure our clients remain compliant to the various requirements. These services include the development of the SWPPP plan design as well as the implementation of the SWPPP plan through weekly and rain event driven inspections. All our QSD and QSPs are Registered Civil Engineers and recognized as a member of the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA).

For more information on QSD and QSP services offered by Active Engineering Services, please give us a call and let us help ease the responsibility of these requirements.